Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers, FL Sadie Loses Rascal

Can you cry in front of listeners?  Can you be that vulnerable to show your true emotions around a sad experience?  It’s true that much of what we should do in radio is be fun.  High on the list of what listeners are looking for is humor and a good time when they turn you on.  No show wins without that image.  But you’re a human being and there are many sides to you.  My question is are you capable of showing all of them to prove it?  Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers, FL are deep and different people.  And quite comfortable to show all of it to the audience.  All of that forms a bond which is almost unbreakable to moving people from being listeners to being fans of a program.  Sadie recently lost her dog, Rascal, after a long illness.  He was a rescue and she wanted to bring listeners into that experience.  Can you do that with those who come to you for connection each day?