Foxx and Annie, WCBS-FM, New York City with Annie’s Baby Announcement

There are things that happen to cast members on a show that are indelibly memorable and highly connective.  Having a baby is one of them.  It’s so relatable to the audience and gives them a chance to cheer for that person.  We searched for many ways to announce the pending birth of Annie’s third baby on Foxx and Annie, WCBS-FM, New York City.  We felt the news to be large enough to do something bigger than just share it with the audience.  The unique idea we landed on was asking the audience what celebrity they might know who’d do it for us.  Our first pass was to get listeners involved in helping construct the ending.  All along, though, we had the celebrity chosen.  The program approached the iconic play-by-play guy for the Yankees, John Sterling, who gladly agreed.  Our job each day is to take our relatable topics and do them in a unique way.  This one’s an A+.