George, Mo, and Erik, KILT-FM (The Bull), Houston with Dress Codes

One of radio’s strengths is the relatabilty of its talent.  When the audience leaves the show having a perception that you are just like them, a connection happens that fuels authenticity.  We only hang out in life with people we have something in common with.  That’s why it’s so important to share your life and do things which indicate you’re a regular person.  George, Mo, and Erik, KILT-FM (The Bull), Houston excel at this.  Mo thinks there should be a dress code when you go to certain places.  Like your kid’s school or the Walmart.  Once you present the topic and listeners nod their head in agreement, you’re connecting.  Here’s a simple, yet powerful phone topic they did.  Hear how they present it, then the listeners contributing because they see it, too.  This is real and that’s why it works.