Hawkeye in the Morning, KSCS, Dallas Celebrates 35 Years

I’ve never been a big fan of talent sharing milestones on the air because I don’t think the audience cares.  The one I hear a lot is “today’s my birthday!”.  Think about how you react when a co-worker says that.  You usually space out because it’s not about you.  So I wonder why talent do that.  There are exceptions to that rule if you focus on the audience.  That’s when your milestone is huge (you might be a beloved talent) or if there is a true listener win.  Such is the case with my friend, Hawkeye in the Morning, KSCS, Dallas, who just celebrated being on the station for 35 years.  This is a milestone that works because he’s adored by the audience.  Knowing there should be a listener win, too, his team created a story line to celebrate him by making a statue of Hawkeye they wanted to put outside the building.  The problem is the building is owned by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.  Here’s your listener benefit:  they get Mark Cuban on to seek permission.  They also get Dallas Cowboys icon Troy Aikman to call the show, too.  Listen to both breaks as Hawkeye focuses on Cuban and Aikman who, in return, congratulate him.  This is smart, listener-focused radio.