Kira and Logan, WOKQ, Portsmouth, NH Let Me Tell My Story.

I’ve talked previously about breaks highlighting where shows heard great stories of something magical someone did and then recanting that person’s story on their show.  This might be good content for you to share with your fans what you read, but telling someone else’s story is a B-minus treatment of that content.  You will certainly be able to convey the facts well of that story, but it will miss any emotional impact because you didn’t live it.  That’s why, when you tell someone else’s story, it’s best to get them to tell it.  Then all you have to do is be inquisitive for them to give you the details.  This week’s example of great execution of this concept belongs to Kira and Logan, WOKQ, Portsmouth, NH where they talked to a local gal who saved someone’s life on the beach.  Listen and feel this because of how they did it.