Indie 88, My Mother Gets An Apology

One more Mother’s Day post?  Pointing very successfully to it’s what you do with the topic that matters, The Josie Dye Show, Indie 88, Toronto, did something special for Mother’s Day.  They actually did two things, as demonstrated in these breaks.  Josie’s mom (completely unversed in radio) hosted the show in place of her daughter.  Josie was still there, guiding mom through anchoring the show (this was on purpose so we still had her).  It was unrehearsed and more fun because of that.  Then, in two other breaks on the show, co-hosts Matt and Carlin were required to call their moms on-the-air and apologize for something that happened when they were a kid. These stories, and this dynamic, created memorable and fun radio – proving again that if you do something unique with the topic, it gets remembered.