Intern Mark Sanchez

Mojo in the MorningHere is a break from Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit that is masterfully designed to play well in PPM.  Not because if its length (it’s about 8 minutes long) but because of four “pivot points” the team created inside the break.  A “pivot point” is where something is said or happens that says to listeners who might have grown bored with the break that they should pay attention because the next 60 seconds will be interesting.  The break is about a show intern who’s dating someone younger than him.  Listen for these “pivot points”:  when Mojo calls him “Intern Mark Sanchez”, when the actual age of the girlfriend is revealed, when the first caller says the words “child molester”, and when the intern’s mother calls in.  Every single one of these “lean in moments” was created by the team and did not happen by chance. That’s what prep does for you!