John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego, Bonnie Hates Aaron Rodgers

What do you do when your church going 80-year mother, a Chicago Bears fan for life, detests Aaron Rodgers and he’s hosting Jeopardy that night?  You charge up your phone to get commentary about what she thinks.  So did John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego weeks ago as Jeopardy continued to offer up guest hosts with the death of Alex Trebek.  Bring me there.  That’s the message of this post.  Make me feel like I am in the room with you.  John knows his mother would be opinionated and fun with topic. So the show had options:  recount the story themselves, get Bonnie on the phone after-the-fact, or record her in real time as she drips with emotion.  It’s option “C” every time because that’s a higher level of drama for the audience to glum on to.  That she’s older and works at a church is a wonderful setup.  Remember…when in the middle of emotion, record it.  These work parts will help you better tell the story and you will make the audience hearing it feel like they were there with you.