Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers, FL The Relationships Report Card

A novel character development feature we have on Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers, FL each Monday is called the Relationships Report Card.  We spend so much of our time in radio talking about our families.  This is important to do to not only define you to the audience, but to force more real life content into the program.  This is essential storytelling to create a bond with listeners and remind them that they are just like you.  Add in that the most natural humor for a show comes when you’re telling the truth.  The Relationships Report Card was added to define Logan to the audience.  His wife comes on each Monday morning to “grade” him as a husband over the weekend.  She cites things he did (or didn’t do) and assess to him a letter grade.  It’s empowering to women to have that forum and she speaks for all as she playfully calls Logan out on how he was as a spouse.