Karen Carson with Johnny Minge and Intern Anthony, WNEW-FM, New York Johnny Is Banned From a Deli (The Narrative)

Narrative arcs are stories that last longer than one break on the show, intended to hook the audience to listen longer (or come back the next day).  Chapter one sets the stage – this is the break of drama (the reason for the break’s being) and establishes the characters.  You must then know your conclusion – if this were a book, what’s its last chapter where you wrap up the story line?  Then, chapters in between that substantively advance the story from start to end.  You can spread these out over days (at the same time to get another occasion, as long as you tell the audience what happens in the next day’s chapter so they come back) or across a few quarter hours to try and extend listening.  Johnny Minge got banned from a deli and we told the audience all about it on Karen Carson in the Morning, WNEW-FM, New York City.  Our chapters are in order below.  Chapter one is the team setting the stage of drama, chapter two is listener calls telling Johnny where they’ve been banned (two breaks).  Chapter three is the show calling Johnny’s parents to find out if they know.  Chapter four (conclusion) is Karen calling the deli, trying to get Johnny un-banned.  This is wonderful and creative character development and very sticky content.