The Failure Re-Frame

There can be only one number one. Everyone else is on the journey there.

You won’t be surprised if I share that most every talent tie their self-worth to their ratings. That’s their validation they’re funny, smart, talented, and accepted by the audience.

I can relate. That’s what I did when on-air. If the ratings went up, I was worthy. And if they didn’t, well…

We all know there isn’t a direct line from the radio you do to the growth in the ratings. There are tons of variables, some out of your control.  Some shows I’ve worked with took years to break through.  Keeping them centered on that journey is job #1.

I look at it differently as a talent coach. Part of our job in coaching creative people is managing them when things don’t go well, as they invariably do. A bad break, a few less-than-stellar shows, or a handful of trends that don’t meet expectations might be seen by talent as a failure. Pretty bold use of the F-word, don’t you think?

Which is why the video below captured me.

Giannis Antetokounmpo plays for the #1 seeded Milwaukee Bucks, who were believed by many to win the NBA Championship this year. Well, it didn’t work out because they were defeated by the #8 seeded Miami Heat.

When asked last week at a press conference if this season was a “failure”, here’s Giannis’s reply. Everything, he said, is a step to success.

So, when things don’t go your way, how about this “failure re-frame” to keep everyone focused and positive? Everything we’re doing is a step to the win if you have a strong culture, a talented team, and a smart strategy. Keeping them focused on taking those steps to success and not on the ratings will help get you there faster. And keep you at success longer.

I’ve never heard a more eloquent and appropriate reframe of “failure” into the true purpose of the mission to become important in listeners’ lives.

This video might be the best two minutes of your day to help manage your team of high performers to becoming epic players for your brand.