Klein and Ally, KROQ, Los Angeles I’ve Got a Secret

There are two lessons to learn in this week’s audio segment.  It comes from Klein and Ally, KROQ, Los Angeles.  The big one first:  a cast member has some news to share with the team and the audience.  In the name of prep, should the room know ahead of time?  I’m asked this question on occasion and the answer is always – it depends on the room.  How much trust is there and how well does the room do with unknown moments?  Ally is pregnant and no one knew.  Not even those she does the show with.  During their weekly I’ve Got a Secret segment, where listeners call to share secrets about their lives, Ally revealed the news.  She opted to not tell anyone because she wanted to preserve their natural reaction for the audience.  She knows and trusts her teammates that much that she was confident all would be good (and it was).  The second lesson is being able to adapt to studio challenges.  While this segment is listener-driven, the show was having phone issues that morning.  The quick pivot to make it around a cast member preserves the feature.  The room was never rattled by that curve ball.  Enjoy Ally’s announcement and how she hooks both the room and audience to lean in as she reveals all.