KSLX, Phoenix The Batman Villain Quiz

No one break will rocket any show to number one.   Growth is an incremental game of earning and affirming images that get you there.  Be fun, be different, be topical, be real and you’ll gain images that get you to stronger and stronger Nielsen numbers.  Here’s a break that does that. Mark and Neanderpaul, KSLX, Phoenix know that Adam West passing away is a relevant topic for their adult male audience.  Here’s how they seize the moment with this perishable topic (the topic will not be relevant the next week).  They gathered a list of iconic villains from the show and then made up a few.  They asked a listener to guess which ones were real and which were fake at a station event, which is great spice.  They then asked the same questions to a caller in the break, and pit the caller against the listener from the night before.  Humor comes in the made up villains names and the listeners’ reactions to them.  It’s completely vicarious, very much in the moment, had an intent to make those tuning in laugh, and earned those images noted above for growth.