KYGO Owning the Broncos

Ryno & TracyThe biggest, boldest content you can do is something fun around something local.  Live, local, and funny is the ultimate content, in fact.  With the Broncos in the Super Bowl, Ryno and Tracy, KYGO, Denver have done a few things which are bulls eyes when it comes to sticky breaks around the highest relevant content of the moment.  You’ll hear two examples below.  One is the “Peyton Prayer” which has been done all season.  In this weekly feature, a member of the clergy issues a prayer for the team.  As you’ll hear, the goal is NOT to do religion, but use the vehicle to create humor.  It’ll be quite obvious how this is done once you listen to it.  The other is the “Broncos Roll”, a short, custom made song to support the team.  In the latter example, music-based ideas really resonate with the audience.  This fun song is their rallying cry of support for the team.