Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh They Already Won in Australia

My blog this week is Practice Makes Permanent.  In it, I talk about the value of curiosity to get a more creative show.  Surrounding yourself with curiosity always leads to more fun things to do around a topic.  Case in point was what was done last week by Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh.  The big topic in the Triangle was the Final Four match-up that weekend between Duke and UNC, two local teams.  It’s all anyone talked about.  In one of our Curiosity Zooms, when discussing the topic, someone noted that it’s always the next day in Australia.  Which lead to our deciding to call a friend there the day before the game.  They noted to him that, because it’s the next day, the game had already been played and asked who won (he said UNC).  Many listeners got the joke, but a few didn’t, which resulted in one calling the show a little confused.  Do fun and different things with your big topics and there’s no way you can’t stand out.