MIX 104.1, Boston Karson and Kennedy, Barrett Calls a Family Meeting

Nostalgia is in and I bet you remember all those family meetings you had when you were a kid.  Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston decided to air one.  Karson’s young son, Barrett, recently called a family meeting at the dinner table to discuss a few things that were bothering him.  This is awesome character development for Karson because we’re getting to know him as a dad.  That’s the core of character development – am I getting to know something about you that makes you relatable to me?  What’s fun about this is the interaction between Barrett and his parents.  Also listen for its execution.  Karson didn’t just record the table conversation and air it in its entirety.  He edited it and they talked around parts of it so the team could keep their in-studio chemistry and commentary at the forefront.  Great radio is doing relatable content in a unique way that allows for natural humor and humaneness.  This ticks those boxes.