40 Secrets of Successful Shows – The Third Ten

Spend time as I have over these many years coaching and observing great talent and you’ll start seeing why they excel.

Why do some programs become ratings behemoths in their markets, for their stations, earning their companies millions? Why do some personalities scream through the speakers, becoming icons that listeners have to be around each day? What do they do that the others don’t?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared twenty secrets (of the forty) of the great ones. How have your talent fared? How would they evaluate themselves? These attributes, with the right coaching and investment, can be learned. They create EPIC talent who set you apart.

The first ten are here. The second ten are here.

May Week Three, the third ten:

  1. They have significant daily benchmarks/features on the show which define their sense of humor and cause habitual listening.
  2. The egos in the room are healthy enough to drive stardom but not so great to cause division.
  3. They let others associated with the show know how valuable they are to the success of the team.
  4. They know what’s going on locally and see the value of that as content.
  5. They belong to local civics groups and organizations so they become multi-dimensional through those outside interests.
  6. On-air, they don’t forget the value of the basics, like giving the weather and time and promoting the rest of the radio station, its personalities and promotions.
  7. They have a strong interest in “retail politics”, knowing that meeting listeners will get them to use the show more.
  8. They don’t say no to something because there isn’t a talent fee attached.
  9. Each cast member holds a distinct point-of view on every topic.
  10. They can create conflict and drama with their content to hook listeners.

Next Monday, our final ten qualities of successful personalities, rounding out the forty.

Your talent are your roadmap to EPIC. Invest in them and you’ll always win.