MOJO “Bitter Ex Poker”

Mojo in the MorningWomen went on in pairs of twos on Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit.  The team judged which of the two had a better “hand” in this game of “Bitter Ex Poker” when they told a story about how they were wronged by a former boyfriend.  It’s another way to do relationships-oriented content.

Fake Regis Calls Shannon

Mojo in the MorningShannon from Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit was chosen to co-host The Regis and Kelly Show for a day while Kelly is on vacation.  The Mojo team excels in innovation – it’s one of the reasons they always win in the ratings.  Listen here as Mojo gets Regis to call and congratulate Shannon the day after finding out she won.  If something smells funny when Regis gets sexual with Shannon, it’s for a reason – the Regis in this call is a fake.  All good-natured fun to create some laughs!  The real Regis called in the next hour!

Rachel Grades After Sex

Mojo in the MorningWhy does MOJO in the Morning own Detroit?  Why do they perform even better in PPM than in diary?  Because they know how to create a human connection for listeners in ways which are fun.  They’re honest and vulnerable and listeners are entertained by people they feel they know. Listen as this number one rated show on Channel 95.5, Detroit shares with listeners that one of its cast members’s husbands wants to be graded after they have sex.

Mojo Makes Shannon Cry

Mojo in the MorningTruly great radio, the kind that connects with the audience, is vulnerable.  Listeners want to get to know the talent (the parts which position them as real).  At Mojo in the Morning at Channel 95.5, Detroit, Shannon (the single 27-year old of the show) is considering getting a dog.  Listen as the conversation evolves with Shannon admitting to the room how lonely she is being single, especially learning that her ex-fiance had a new girlfriend.  Then, Shannon breaks down crying. This is brilliant radio because the wall between the talent and the listener is invisible.  Think of how many other women identify and have empathy for this show character.  The next break (right below on this page) was spent talking with listeners reacting to this.

Mojo Phone Reaction to Shannon Crying

Mojo in the MorningHere is phone reaction from the break above with listeners identifying with Shannon’s admission on Channel 95.5, Detroit that she was lonely and wanted a dog.

MOJO: She Was With the Terrorist

Mojo in the MorningWhen shows work hard, they almost always score.  Take this interview with listener Lori, as done by MOJO in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit.  Mojo, based in Detroit, scanned local Facebook pages and not only found out this woman was a fan of the show, but that she sat seven rows behind the terrorist who tried to blow up the Delta flight on Christmas Day as it was landing.  The interview might be two weeks removed from the actual event (which doesn’t matter), but getting a first hand account of what happened is riveting.  No one else had her on in Detroit radio.  Score one for Mojo!

Mojo’s Listeners Make Fun of Oprah

Mojo in the MorningOprah decides to retire her TV show and it’s time for some laughter.  The one thing most make fun of is how over-the-top Oprah is when introducing a celebrity on her program.  Enter Mojo in the Morning at Channel 95.5, Detroit, who asked his listeners to mock Oprah introducing a B-list celebrity of their choice on to her show.