WTIC-FM, Hartford Salt and Christine, Christine Is a Bad Parent

Never underestimate the power of a simple break that communicates who you are.  Character development is a critical element of any show.  Whether you’re on-the-air for one month or ten years, you’re always defining yourself to connect with the audience.  To find “your people” if you will.  And sometimes, we make these bigger deals than they need to be.  The telling of a big story with our opening the phones at the end.  That tends to be a good path, because the focus shifts from your story to the audiences, effectively making them the stars of the show.  Consider this simple break from Christine and Salt, WTIC-FM, Hartford.  During the show, Christine got an email from the school nurse about her son.  She shares it with the audience, becomes self-deprecating about what a bad mother she is, and the chemistry of the room then takes over.  It’s not long, but very relatable.  And it effectively allows Christine to bond with “her people”.  Other mothers are probably laughing and nodding their heads up and down sayid “Yup, that’s me.”  When it comes to character development, simple breaks like this work, too.