Zach and Brittney, WBYT, South Bend, IN Zach’s Father-in-Law Loves Him

Being in radio, you and I have a certain super power.  We tend to know when listening to another show and a break starts, where they are going with that content choice.  That’s why curve balls and Easter eggs (unpredictable twists) thrill and delight the audience.  The first break for Zach and Brittney, WBYT, South Bend, IN was a call from Zach’s wife, saying her dad was upset he charged $90 to his father-in-law’s Apple account to stream a movie for the kids when they borrowed their weekend house.  That necessitated a call on the next break to Zach’s father-in-law to advance the narrative.  It was a great tease to a relatable story line.  Except, that’s not what they did.  They provided a different unexpected moment that created an even bolder laugh.