The Secret Santa

What fun audio might you get if each cast member of the show visited with a mall Santa, sat on his lap, read him your list, and recorded it to air on the show?

Two Phone Topics

Two phone topics!  First, ask listeners to finish this sentence:  “Thanksgiving was going great until (blank) showed up.”  Here’s another – today is Cyber Monday.  See if any listeners will admit that they’re going to work today, but will...

Wednesday Closings

Take a survey of workers on your show this week to find out what time their offices close on Wednesday for the long holiday weekend.  Give A+’s to the bosses who go with noon, and an F-minus to those keeping their workers until 5pm (no names so you’re not...

Naughty or Nice?

Almost time for Santa so putting kids on fits any radio brand!  Go find a bunch of cute kids and ask them, based on the last year, if their brothers and sisters deserve to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list – then ask why.

The Thanksgiving Thank You

We’re now about a week away from Thanksgiving.  How about finding someone who did something nice for you (or a listener) once in life, get them on, and publicly thank them for putting goodness in your world?

The Perv Pool

Take calls from only women and ask them to suggest the name of the next actor who, in the next week, will be accused of sexual harassment.  If possible, if someone chooses the name of the next actor named, give them a prize.  Call it the Perv Pool.  Thanks to Sherman...
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