Tales of the TSA

With summer travel in full swing, and lots of travel trouble, you know who has great stories?  The TSA.  See if a local TSA agent will come on to tell stories of things they’ve seen, and stuff found in luggage they had to keep.  If a current TSA agent won’t come on, use social media to find a former TSA worker who can tell stories, too, in Tales of the TSA.

Delayed, Cancelled, Or On Time

With so many flights being affected with the pilot and flight attendant shortage and weather, here’s a fun new game you can play called Delayed, Cancelled, Or On Time?  Find a flight that leaves your airport while you’re on.  The listener has to guess if the flight is delayed, cancelled, or on time when you give them the flight number.  Then call the airline phone number to get the audio of their system telling you the status (much better than just looking it up on-line).

The $5 Souvenir

Each week through the summer, talk to one family leaving for vacation that weekend. Give them a budget of $5 and ask that they bring you back a souvenir from the gift shop from wherever they’re going.

The Uber Eats Challenge

Everyone on the show should order Uber Eats from the same restaurant at the same time in the morning. Let’s have a race to see who gets their food first. When the drivers get to the station, make sure to bring them in the studio (if you can) to talk with them about what it’s like to deliver Uber Eats (you wanna hear stories of odd deliveries) when you crown your victor.

The King’s Jubilee

The Queen of England had her jubilee.  With Father’s Day this Sunday, it’s time for dad to have his.  Get listeners to agree to treat their fathers as wonderfully as they do their mothers in May in something you can call The King’s Jubilee.

Coming Clean To Dear Old Dad

With Father’s Day a few weeks away, find out the one story your listeners have that happened when they were kids that was so edgy or embarrassing they never told their fathers.  Then get dear old dad on the other line so the kid can tell him the story and come clean after all these years.

Hey Dad, I’m In Jail

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away.  Just for fun that week, find a couple of listeners and conference them with their dads on the other line.  The purpose of the call?  To tell their proud papa that they’re in jail.  See how the dads react, then tell them it’s a total goof with a Happy Father’s Day message from all.

Yearbook Memories

May and June are the months for high school graduations. Do some character development by finding the high school yearbooks of all the cast members on your show. Get your boss to read something written in one of them and then the caller must guess whose yearbook it’s from. Then you can reminisce about that person who wrote it and have some fun.

What Happened to the V-Person?

With graduations happening in the month of May, let’s get caught up on whatever happened to the person in your graduating class who was valedictorian.  Using the internet, try to find them and invite them on your show.  As the smartest person in your class, did they grow to become the most successful person they were expected to be?

Being a Mom Sometimes Is a Drag

If you can swing pulling off a promotion with Sunday being Mother’s Day, consider Being a Mom Sometimes Is a Drag.  Everyone celebrates Mother’s Day the same way.  Qualify moms all week long and honor them in a way no other program would:  by taking them to a local drag show.