Your Jerry Falwell, Jr. Moment

Have you seen the risque picture of Jerry Falwell, Jr. on the web?  Ask the audience which two members of the show should recreate that picture, then go do it and release it.  I bet it’s shared by your fans and you might cause talk if you place them side-by-side

Shark Stories

With next week being Shark Week on Discovery, spend this week using social media and the internet to find five people who’ve been bitten by sharks.  Feature one each day next week on your show telling their story.

Cognitive This Test

With President Trump boasting that he got all 35 questions right on a cognitive test, it’s time to put the show to the test.  Have someone come in and administer the same cognitive test to the entire program.  Then reveal the test results to the audience from worst to first!  Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (find it here).

The Karen Korner

With all the video now around women acting like “Karen”, let’s gather it and present it in a new feature called The Karen Korner.  A collection of all the latest audio of people acting inappropriately.

The Comedian in the Cul-de-Sac

With social distancing still the rule and most people continuing to not go out, how about partnering with your local comedy club and give away a ten-minute set where a local comedian goes to a neighborhood and does part of his or her act for the residents?  Call it The Comedian in the Cul-de-sac.

Most Patriotic

If you have access to a few salespeople, do as a running theme this week Most Patriotic.  Give three of them questions from the citizenship test (here) to see who gets the most right and earns the title of Most Patriotic.  If salespeople aren’t available, find a different group (i.e. neighbors) to do it with, as long as the people you choose are fun.  Hear audio of this here.

Beat That Bore

Here’s a new Monday feature where someone on the show runs down all the boring, rote things they did over the weekend, then you open the phones looking for a listener who had a more boring weekend.  Call it Beat That Bore.

The Tip Plus Ten

With restaurants re-opening across the country, the service industry has been hurt more than many others.  Mount a one week campaign on the show called The Tip Plus Ten encouraging listeners who go out to eat to increase their tip to 30% if they can, to help wait people out financially because of the money they lost.

Queen on the Scene

If the goal is to be bold and memorable, why not have a drag queen come on each week to run down the list of weekend things to do in your market for families?

Your Home, The Yelp Review

Now that listeners have been holed up in their homes for months, let’s treat that like their home is a hotel and ask family members to give a Yelp review of the stay.  Come up with a few categories and open the phones (start with your home).