The Josie Dye Show with Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto Dani Still Has It

One of the challenges of a three-person show is that you have two talent of the same gender and need to focus on separating them perceptually.  Such is the exercise with The Josie Dye Show with Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto.  Brent’s single and Carlin is getting married is one trait that separates these two male voices to the audience.  This breaks does that.  We do lots of content talking about Carlin’s fiance and the stories they generate.  That’s all on purpose to reach the goal of separating Carlin and Brent’s on-air personas.  Carlin went to bed early one night and his fiance, Dani, went out with friends.  When she got home, she woke him to boast that she’d been hit on multiple times at the bar.  Carlin said that Dani still has “it”.  Two things to listen for in this break – a great story that moves Carlin away from Brent’s singleness and the language used in the telling of the story to stand out.  Plus, to make the break even better, Dani is included at just the right moment for an additional level of storytelling to keep the audience hooked and the energy level high.