Little Guy Insults the Giants

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, here’s a cute bit to tie in, especially for the Patriots fan on your show.  Find a cute 10-year old boy (preferably the son of a cast member or station employee) and have him read insults you write about the New York Giants and Eli Manning.  In a character definition bit throughout this week, package the insults with a small production value and air them in a feature the Patriot’s fan will call “The Little Guy Takes on the Giants”.

Hot List Jan 30, 2012

The Super Bowl
Demi Moore
Tom Brady
Florida Primary
Pat & Vanna Drunk
Brad Pitt
Girl Scout Cookies
Newt Gingrich
Sh-t Other People Say
Tiger Woods
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WWFS Reading the E-Mail

Jim & KImThere is no doubt that relationships topics always work on female-targeted radio shows.  Jim and Kim, Fresh 102.7 New York’s morning team, saw a multiple page letter a Wall Street broker wrote a gal he had one date with that was way over the line.  They could have just read the letter (or parts of it) on their show.  Instead, they found someone fun in the building and had them read it to the listeners, thus shifting into a position to react, which made it much more fun because of this added dimension.

Hot List Jan 23, 2012

Super Bowl
Oscar Nominations
Newt Gingrich
Joe Paterno
Heidi Klum and Seal
State of the Union Speech
Obama Sings
X Games
Girl Scout Cookies
Stephen Colbert
Red Tails
Paula Deen
Stamp Prices
Sundance Film Festival
Kobe Bryant
Etta James

Know Tebow

This is very simple street audio that can do this week to prove the power of a sports star cutting through.  Get on the streets and ask women if they know who Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, Jay Cutler, and Marc Sanchez are (every guy knows they’re quarterbacks in the NFL).  Then, ask the average woman on the street who Tim Tebow is – everyone will know he’s the quarterback for Denver.  You might need to use a little creative editing to prove the point, but watch how Tebow has cut through with a constituency (women) who tend to have much less knowledge of who QBs are than guys.

Eddie & Jobo Go to the Courthouse

Eddie & JoboReality shows have conditioned listeners to want to be entertained by real life.  One place real life happens for some people is in courthouses.  Eddie & Jobo, on KHITS, Chicago head to their local courthouse once a week to talk to people about why they’re there that day.  What ensues are fun conversations that really entertain those listening.

KSON Golden Globes or Golden Girls

John & TammySometimes breaks go completely sideways.  That’s what happens when performing.  How you handle it is what turns it into lemonade.  John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego, came up with a fun game called “Golden Globes or Golden Girls”, with our entering the awards show season. They gave a fact about one show or the show and the listener had to figure it out.  Really simple and very easy to follow, right?  The listener got completely confused with how to play and here’s the audio.  Listen as John and Tammy just back up, letting this take on a life of its own, making it even funnier.

Golden Globe or Golden Girls

Here’s a simple game to play with the Golden Globes being front and center.  It’s called “Golden Globes or Golden Girls”.  John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego did this and it’s fun. You give the listener a fact about something pertaining to the Golden Globes or the Golden Girls.  They have to identify which show it is to win.  You can hear audio of this here.

Hot List Jan 16, 2012

Golden Globes
NFL Playoffs
Tim Tebow
Italian Cruise Ship Sinks
Beyonce’s Baby
Stephen Colbert
Joe Paterno
Miss America Pageant
Bain Capital
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Booty Call Go Kits

Get ready for Valentine’s Day by having promotions put together “Booty Call Go Kits”.  Take callers that day (it’s on a Tuesday this year) who’ll commit to meeting at home around lunch for a nooner.  In the kit can be oils and lotions, roses and cholocates, condoms, and a CD of Barry White music (or something equally as sexy).  The next day, these couples come back on the show to talk about it.